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The EC marking is the process by which the manufacturer informs both users and competent authorities that the product sold follows the mandatory legislation stipulated in the European Union.


The EC marking is the essential tool for products to be traded in the European market.

The EC marking is composed of the standardized CE symbol, the additional information specified in the labels and technical documents related to the characteristics of the product and the declared values, as well as the data of the manufacturer and the Notified Body that issues the certificate of conformity CE.

It is absolutely essential that the products to be traded or put into service have the corresponding CE marking. This does not imply that all the products must have the CE marking, since it is only mandatory that those products that are regulated by Community directives of CE marking (as in the case of the UNE 12.150 standard for tempered glass) have it.

· IN 12600

· IN 12150

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