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In YECLASA, we have our own photovoltaic plant, which provides us with part of the electrical energy our facilities need. We are committed to renewable energy. 


YECLASA, is committed to an ecological vision of the world, in which the only way to reduce waste is to recycle them. Our company policies are aimed to recycle waste, both from glass and other materials, so that they can be reused in other materials and products. We are committed to sustainable systems for the environment.


In an ecological view of the world, recycling is the only measure taken with the aim to reduce waste.

Both the term and its activities are worldwide well-known and can be applied in many productive, economic, social and even political and human areas.

That is why YECLASA has opted for the consumption and use of these recycling materials for greater environmental sustainability.



Our opacified glasses are treated with water-based paints, which guarantees a process with non-aggressive elements for the environment such as solvents, pigments or other chemical compounds.


Throughout the productive process of handling the glass it is necessary to use quite an amount of water, which acts as a refrigerant for the machines; the 250,000 litres of water per hour used are not wasted but continuously reused in the process; this water goes through a large treatment plant where all this water is constantly being filtered, and then flows, ensuring an optimized use of this precious resource natural. 


All the waste generated by YECLASA is treated by authorized agents, which implies a responsible handling of it, ensuring total respect for the environment. Most of this waste is valued and returned to the market so that they can be reused in other sectors of the world of glass, thereby an optimal management is achieved. 

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