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YECLASA Environmental Responsibility #RSC

INCREMENT THE USE OR GREEN ENERGY: YECLASA has invested in a photovoltaic plant, with more than 350 kw, that that provides us part of the electrical energy we consume in our facilities.

RECICLED MATERIALS: In an ecological vision of the world, recicling its a main messure in the objective of reducing wastes. In YECLASA, being aware of this, we promote the consumtion of those recicled materials, trying to help in the sustainability of the environment.

NON-POLLUTING COMPONENTS: We only use water based or ceramic paintings within the european normatives (ROHS,...) to prevent damaging the enviroment.

WATER REUSE: In the manufacturing process of the glass its necessary to use a large amount of water, used as cooling for the machines. This large amount of water, more than 250,000 liters/hour, is continuously reused. We purify the water filtering and purifying this water to reuse it continuously.

CONTROLED WASTES: The wastes generated by YECLASA are treated by autorised agents, assuring the respect to the enviroment. Most of those wastes are placed in value and returned to the market to be reused in other sectors.

The GLASS is a product that allows a 100% recicling.



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